Larger View of Mural
Mural © 1997 by Campbell Federated Garden Club of Missouri
Although not too visible, there is an old two-story house, with a front porch, to the left of the mural, under the setting sun. This style of house was typical in this area in the late 1800's and early 1900's (although the houses were usually single-story houses.)

A few of those old houses still exist today, like the historic Dr. Given Owen house at old Four Mile, the town which preceeded Campbell. A few new houses have also been built in that style.

An old cotton wagon is shown near the house. You don't see those anymore, as machines now pick the cotton, which is then usually compacted into large modules which are transported by truck to the local cotton gins.

Although peaches are an important crop around Campbell, watermelons and cantaloupes are also big crops in the summertime. Watermelons are shown to the left of the peach basket.

In addition to cotton, typical crops grown around here are soy beans, wheat, corn, and milo. Rice has recently been introduced into this area because much of the land is extremely flat, and the land can be easily leveled to be flooded with water for the growing rice.