Historic Dr. Given Owen
Home at old Four Mile
Photo © 1997 by Hal Miller

This excellent example of a typical (although large) pioneer house is at old "Four Mile," the town which preceeded Campbell.

Located on the Military Road on top of Crowley's Ridge, the town was probably so-named because it was "four mile" northeast of the Chalk Bluff crossing over the St. Francis River, from Missouri into Arkansas.

The house was built in 1860 by Dr. Given Owen. The most famous single event associated with the house was when it was used as a shelter (and prison) for Union (and Confederate) soldiers wounded in the "Battle of Chalk Bluff." That battle was a generally orderly withdrawal of a Confederate army Cavalry Division from Missouri, across the St. Francis River back into Arkansas, during the Civil War.

Dr. Owen was a magnanimous and gregarious man, and is reported to have often invited all of the congregation of the Four Mile church to come to his house for Sunday dinner. Four Mile probably had over 50 residents at that time. How Mrs. Owen managed to feed the "multitude" is not known, but all of the ladies undoubtedly pitched in to help her.

Donald and Marietta (Daffron) Hughes own and live in the house, which is on the National Historical Registry.

When the railroad came through the area, the town of Four Mile was soon abandoned. Within a year, all of the Four Mile merchants had moved to the town of Campbell, which had sprung up next to the railroad tracks.

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