Coca-Cola Sign
(circa 1939)

Photo © 1998 by Claud L. Foster. Used with permission.

This Coca-Cola sign has been on the side of a warehouse in Campbell since at least 1939. Although weathered for around 60 years, the original sign could still be read easily, even in 1998.

Photo © 1998 by Hal Miller

In August 1998, the Campbell Downtown Restoration Association hired the sign repainted by Jonathan O'Neal, assisted by James Brawner. David Faughn is owner of the building.

Above are the results, but I doubt that you can still find a Coca-Cola for 5 cents.

3D Graphic © 1998 by Hal Miller

I made several digital photos in September 1998, and constructed this 3-dimensional graphic version of the warehouse, which faces the railroad tracks on Front Street, near South Main Street in Campbell.

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Photo of old sign © 1998 by Claud L. Foster
Photo and 3D graphic ©1998 by Hal Miller
Photos taken with Sony Mavica® MVC-FD7 cameras.
3D Graphic constructed with MetaTools Bryce 2 TM,
and retouched with Adobe PhotoShop® 3.0.