Computer Music

Since 1997, I had the words to my high school song, Alma Mater, on my website, with an appeal for somebody to send me a MIDI file of the music. I got no responses.

In November 2000, I decided I would try to "sequence" a MIDI file of that song, and bought a music-editing program named "Music Center" from Data Becker.

It turns out that making MIDI files (and WAV and MP3 files) is not all that difficult, and in a few days I had the Alma Mater music up on my website. Here are some MIDI songs I have sequenced. (Set the volume control to mid-scale before you click the triangular Play button):

My High School Song - Alma Mater

Amazing Grace, as played on a Scottish bagpipe

Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms

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