Open House
Campbell City Hall
March 7, 1999

Mayor Gunter City Hall Lobby
An Open House was held at the new Campbell City Hall on Sunday, March 7, 1999. Above left -- Mayor Raymond Gunter enjoys punch provided at the event by the Campbell Federated Garden Club of Missouri. Delta News*Citizen reporter Wendy Campbell was also present. Right -- Audrey Wilson and Evelyn Borders relax in the lobby. Refreshments provided by the Garden Club are in the foreground.

Diann Views Old Photos City Council Room
Above left, Diann examines some of the old photos of Campbell. Right -- City Clerk Randall Baker (on left) discusses some interesting photos in the city council room.

Frankie Pam and Bruce
Above left, City Collecter Frankie Thomason talks with Judge Beaton. Right, Pam talks with Bruce.

Pam and Janice Leland and Kay
Above left, Pam greets Janice. Right -- Leland talks with Kay.

Alderman Ledford Kay shows the offices
Above left, Alderman Ledford attended the Open House. Right -- Assistant City Clerk Kay Vinson (left) shows the new city hall offices to LaWanda and Pat.

Flower Arrangement The Vinsons
Above left, Bobbie "hides" behind a Spring flower arrangement. Right, Kay and Bruce Vinson.
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All Photos Copyright © 1999 by Hal Miller