Missouri's Largest Gingerbread
House, 1997 - 1998

This large gingerbread house was back again in the lobby of the Malden Community Center, for the 1998 holiday season. For scale, the picket fence and the elves are about 3 feet high, and the top of the roof is about 8 feet high. This is the south view (1997 photo).

This 1998 photo shows the lights on the West side of the house.

[CHIMNEY (1997)]
The chimney for the fireplace (1997 photo).

[EAST SIDE (1998)]
East side of the house (1998).

The house is sponsored by
Wallace & Owens Country Mart.

Photos ©1997/1998 by Hal Miller,
and taken with Sony Mavica® MVC-FD7.

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