Annual Peach Blossom Tour
March 29, 1998
[Peach Blossoms]

Many peach trees were in full bloom by
March 26. These trees are near Elder
Cemetery, on Hwy. WW, north of Campbell.


A hillside of peach trees.

[Peach Trees]

An older peach orchard on Hwy. WW, near
Tucker Cemetery and Cane Creek Road.


The annual Peach Blossom Tour was held Sunday afternoon, March 29, 1998. After a self-guided tour past the peach orchards, sight-seers were invited to drop by the Bader peach shed to have peach cobbler, courtesy of the Campbell Federated Garden Club of Missouri.


Visitors enjoyed the 80-degree temperatures
at tables on the loading dock of the peach shed.


An abundance of good peach cobbler
and pies was brought by garden club
members, and others.


I enjoyed coffee with my cobbler,
served by Hazel and the other ladies.
(Thanks, everybody !)


All the folks got to visit, after
eating that good peach cobbler.


Yum -- yum !!!
(I'll have some more, please !)

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