Removal of Miss Heartland
Pageant Photography

July 2002

For five years, I photographed the Annual Miss Heartland Pageant winners at the Glennonville Picnic, and placed those photos on this website.

Recently, parents have become justifiably concerned about having photographs of their children placed on the Internet. As the 2002 Miss Heartland Pageant started, I was forbidden by a picnic official to place photos of the pageant winners on my website this year.

(I will note that I have received no complaints about this for five years, and will also note that some of my photos of this pageant have been published in a local newspaper for the past three years, at the request of Miss Heartland Pageant officials.)

However, because I am a parent and a grandparent, and because I understand the concerns of living in this high-technology society, I took no photos of the pageant winners this year. Further, I have removed from this website all of the photographs which I had previously taken at the Miss Heartland Pageants (as well as photographs which I took at pageants held at one other local festival).

I apologize to those parents who would have liked to have seen Miss Heartland Pageant photos of their children on my website this year, but I feel I had no other choice in this matter.

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