Captain Walt Yancey
Big River Volunteers

Captain Walt Yancey is Commander of the Big River Volunteers, a group which was present at the Civil War Re-Enactment at Old Greenville Days on Sept. 28 - 29, 1996. Most of the Volunteers live around Fredericktown, Mo.

He said the Big River Volunteers own four cannons -- two 3/4-scale models, and two full-size models.

Captain Yancey especially likes to show school-age children the camps and equipment. He said, "I think it helps to bring history to life," partially explaining why around 40 re-enactors were at Old Greenville that weekend and also why around 7,000 visitors came to see them.

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This photo was taken with a 35mm Canon Photura. Extensive retouch was done to remove persons and equipment from the photograph.
Photo © 1996 by Hal Miller.