Civil War Re-Enactment
 at Old Greenville, Sept. 28, 1997
Description of
Old Greenville Days
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Army Tents
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Large Cannon
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Small Cannon
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Loading Cannon
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Confederate Line
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Rebels Fire
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Rebels Attack
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A Volley of Shots
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Dance of Death
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Rebel's Last Stand
Union Cavalry
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Rebels Under Fire
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Battle Lost
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Dixie Battle Hymn

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Lake Wappapello was formed when the US Army Corps of Engineers placed a dam on the St. Francis River, north of Poplar Bluff, Missouri, in the early 1940's.

Because the lake flooded the town of Greenville, the town had previously been moved to its present location, a few miles north on Highway 67.

Foundations of the buildings of Old Greenville can still be seen at the site, which has a campground nearby.

Annually, the US Army Corps of Engineers and other organizations sponsor "Old Greenville Days," which feature crafts, exhibits, and country music entertainment.

In addition, various Civil War Re-Enactment groups camp at the site, and hold mock battles.

In 1997, "Old Greenville Days" were held on Sept. 27 - 28.

These photos show Sunday's mock battle, in which the Confederates were "defeated" by the Union forces. (The Union "lost" Saturday's battle.)
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