Cave-In-Rock State Park, Illinois
Photo © 1997 by Hal Miller
Cave-in-Rock is located on the north bank of the Ohio River, in southeastern Illinois.

This 55-foot-wide, 200-foot-long cavern has had quite a history. Indians lived in the cave for shelter in ancient times. In the early 1800's, river pirates used the cave as a hideout from which they robbed settlers coming down the river.

Cave-in-Rock was featured in the 1962 Cinerama movie How the West Was Won, starring Jimmy Stewart, Debbie Reynolds, and several other famous actors and actresses.

A ferry operates during the day from the town of Cave-in-Rock, crossing the Ohio River between Illinois and Kentucky.

Cave-In-Rock State Park has a lodge, restaurant, and a campground near the cave. Because of the hilly terrain, walking to the cave requires moderate effort.

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