Kentucky Horse Park and
International Museum of the Horse
Lexington, Ky.

This ornamental gate marks the entrance to the Kentucky Horse Park, a 1,032-acre farm located off Interstate 75 Exit 120, 4 miles north of Lexington, Ky.

Among the attractions at the Horse Park are the William G. Kenton Art Gallery, the Hall of Champions, and the Man O'War Memorial. The Harness Shop and Farrier Shop are interesting to see. Visitors may go to several barns, including the Breeds Barn, where 40 breeds of horses are stabled and the Parade of Breeds takes place twice daily.

I had the opportunity to briefly visit the Park on May 13, 1998, but only had time to see the Parade of Breeds show, at which I took several photos of the horses and their riders and handlers.

Displaying the American flag starts the Parade of Breeds,
a daily event (11 a.m. and 2 p.m.) at the Horse Park.

Harness racing is a grand
tradition in Kentucky.

"Dressage" is a combination
of training of the horse, and the
harmony of the horse with the rider.

A strong draft horse was needed
to carry a fully-armored knight.
This breed is the English Shire.

[KRIS 4]
Kris, riding an Appaloosa.

The audience was told that this is
actually a miniature horse, not a pony.

A classy horse and rider.

At the conclusion of the Parade of
Breeds, the riders salute the audience
by bringing the horses into a line.

[KRIS 9]
After the show, the riders let the
audience get up close to admire the horses.

[KRIS 10]
Kris is from North Carolina.

Link to the Kentucky Horse Park

All photos ©1998 by Hal Miller
Photos taken with Sony Mavica® MVC-FD7

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