The Pyramid
at Memphis, Tenn.

The Pyramid is a huge exhibition center,
by the Mississippi River in Memphis.

Statue of Ramesses at the Pyramid

Side View of Ramesses Statue

I visited the Pyramid in September 1997,
to see the "Titanic Exhibition," which
ran from April through September 1997.

In June 1998, I visited the Pyramid
to see the Peruvian cultural exhibition,
"Gold of the Aztecs," which ran
from April through September 1998.
(Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed
at these exhibitions.)

On his excellent website, John D. MacArthur discusses The Great Seal of the United States. The site discusses The Pyramid and the meaning of the Great Seal symbol, The Eye.

All photos were taken with Sony Mavica® MVC-FD7, 9/13/97
Photos ©1997 by Hal Miller

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