Woodlawn Cemetery Burials
Surnames beginning in
"N & O"
NAES, Irene; DOD: 9-6-1998; Gehrig; DOB: 12-10-1911.
NAES, Leo James; DOD: 7-10-1975; Gehrig.
NALLEY, Mary Elizabeth; DOD: 9-26-1982; Gehrig.
NAPPIER, Delford W.; DOD: 1962; Woodlawn.
NAPPIER, Opal Beatrice; DOD: 9-22-1979; Woodlawn.
NAPPIER, Peggy Joyce; DOD: 1946; Woodlawn.
NEARY, Edward Joseph; DOD: 5-25-1971; Woodlawn.
NEARY, Mary E. (Page); DOD: 1-30-1999; Woodlawn; DOB: 7-22-1913.
NEELEY, Jeffery L.; DOD: 5-22-1995; Landess.
NEILSON, Claudine (Maddox); DOD: 7-4-1987; Gehrig.
NELSON, Fannie Lowe; DOD: 7-14-1964; Gehrig.
NELSON, Melbern; DOD: 7-12-1941; Gehrig.
NETTLES, Elbert; DOD: 5-15-1985; Woodlawn.
NEWMAN, Cleadis; DOD: 12-1-1990; Gehrig.
NEWMAN, Eva Jean; DOD: 7-6-1945; Gehrig.
NICHOLS, J. B.; DOD: 11-25-1986; Woodlawn.
NICHOLS, James T.; DOD: 7-4-1966; Gehrig.
NICHOLS, Nancy H.; DOD: 11-3-1988; Gehrig.
NOEL, Opal (Britton); DOD: 5-5-1997; Gehrig; DOB: 12-21-1914.
NORTHINGTON, Daisy Ethel; DOD: 2-19-1952; Woodlawn.
NORTHINGTON, Juanita; DOD: 10-6-1989; Woodlawn.
NORTHINGTON, Samuel; DOD: 2-18-1953; Woodlawn.

OATHOUT, Lou; DOD: 1904; Woodlawn.
OATHOUT, Oscar; DOD: 6-20-1905; Woodlawn.
O'DELL, Martin O'Neal; DOD: 4-24-1987; Gehrig.
OGDEN, Don Edward; DOD: 5-30-1996; Landess; DOB: 10-26-1942.
OGDEN, Ila Bell; DOD: 2-11-1993; Woodlawn; DOB: 3-10-1919.
OGDEN, Laura Dale; DOD: 6-7-1985; Woodlawn.
OGDEN, W. A.; DOD: 1-24-1978; Woodlawn.
OLIVER, Avery W.; DOD: 1-24-1986; Woodlawn.
OLIVER, Ella Janette; DOD: 4-23-1990; Woodlawn.
OLIVER, Lloyd P.; DOD: 11-28-1970; Woodlawn.
OLIVER, Luther W.; DOD: 12-1-1957; Gehrig.
OLIVER, Mable (Madie?) Lee; DOD: 12-3-1965; Woodlawn; DOB: 7-10-1886.
OLIVER, Ora Ella; DOD: 9-21-1972; Gehrig.
OLIVER, Orville; DOD: 3-9-1971; Gehrig.
O'NEAL, Charles E.; DOD: 8-27-1971; Gehrig.
O'NEAL, Charles J.; DOD: 1-27-1992; Gehrig.
O'NEAL, Mildred E.; DOD: 3-6-1980; Gehrig.
OSBORN, Farrel L.; DOD: 1-19-1979; Gehrig.
OSBORN, John Lee; DOD: 4-15-1977; Woodlawn.
OSBORN, Verla; DOD: 04-01-2000; DOB: 08-26-1912; Woodlawn.
OSBOURN, Gerald Ray; DOD: 2-1-1944; Landess; DOB: 2-1-1944 (ex-Gunnels).
OSBOURN, Sharon Ann; DOD: 11-19-1997; Landess; DOB: 7-30-1957.
OSBOURN, Thomas W.; DOD: 4-27-1987; Landess; DOB: 1-14-1918 (ex-Gunnels).
OVERALL, B. W.; DOD: 10-17-1918; Woodlawn.
OVERALL, Beulah M.; DOD: 5-4-1948; Woodlawn.
OVERALL, Cora E.; DOD: 1950; Woodlawn.
OVERALL, Corley L.; DOD: 10-1-1950; Woodlawn.
OVERALL, Corley Wilson Sr.; DOD: 12-15-1976; Woodlawn.
OVERALL, Dorothy McCuiston; DOD: 12-23-1992; Woodlawn; DOB: 10-31-1920.
OWEN, Charles Merdith; DOD: 9-11-1926; Gehrig.
OWENS, Joseph L.; DOD: 5-6-1960; Gehrig.
OWENS, Millie E.; DOD: 8-13-1965; Gehrig.
OXLEY, A. R.; DOD: 1-13-1911; Woodlawn.
OXLEY, Clarence; DOD: 3-26-1973; Woodlawn.
OXLEY, James L.; DOD: 1959; Gehrig.
OXLEY, Logan N.; DOD: 8-10-1966; Woodlawn.
OXLEY, Lucy V.; DOD: 6-5-1977; Gehrig.
OXLEY, Luther James; DOD: 6-6-1970; Woodlawn.
OXLEY, Mary E.; DOD: 1930; Woodlawn.
OXLEY, Ollie; DOD: 1-4-1969; Woodlawn.
OXLEY, Vida Ann; DOD: 8-5-1969; Woodlawn.
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