Woodlawn Cemetery Burials
Surnames beginning in
PAGE, Jacob; DOD: 2-28-1991; Gehrig.
PAGE, Maude Lowe; DOD: 2-4-1982; Woodlawn.
PAGE, Wesley Floyd; DOD: 5-5-1976; Woodlawn.
PALMER, Fred; DOD: Unk; Gehrig.
PALMER, Fred P.; DOD: NL; Gehrig.
PARKER, Laverne; DOD: 1-14-2000; DOB: 10-30-1920; Woodlawn.
PARKER, William Lee; DOD: 10-24-1967; Gehrig.
PARKS, John L.; DOB: 04-30-1932; DOD: 11-23-2002; Gehrig.
PARRENT, Addie Lorene; DOD: 3-24-1982; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, Blanche Hazel; DOB: 06-01-07; DOD: 08-03-01; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, Carmon; DOD: 3-11-1992; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, Cecil C.; DOD: 3-25-1960; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, Cora E.; DOD: 1947; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, Cynthia E.; DOD: 10-21-1957; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, David Glenn; DOD: 5-3-1943; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, David Ray; DOD: 1971; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, Deward H.; DOD: 8-27-1974; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, Dot; DOD: 12-4-1987; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, Garland; DOD: 10-10-1977; Gehrig.
PARRENT, George Burl; DOD: 3-10-1995; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, George W.; DOD: 1949; Gehrig.
PARRENT, George W. Jr.; DOD: 1-15-1997; Woodlawn; DOB: 9-11-1911.
PARRENT, Guy Robert; DOD: 11-27-1994; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, Henry W.; DOD: 1958; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, Homer; DOD: 9-24-1984; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, James R.; DOD: 11-27-1942; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, Leona; DOD: 5-26-1929; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, Leonard; DOD: 8-22-1970; Gehrig.
PARRENT, Louis N.; DOD: 11-6-1957; Gehrig.
PARRENT, Madge; DOD: 8-9-1977; Gehrig.
PARRENT, Martha Heskett; DOD: 1-4-1948; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, Octa R.; DOD: 2-8-1961; Gehrig.
PARRENT, Olen; DOD: 1-4-1993; Woodlawn; DOB: 7-8-1913.
PARRENT, Olive; DOD: 5-4-1989; Woodlawn.
PARRENT, Willie Russell; DOD: 2-17-1985; Woodlawn.
PASSLEY, Joseph D.; DOD: 1-14-1981; Gehrig.
PATRICK, Fannie B.; DOD: 9-29-1947; Gehrig.
PATRICK, Maudie T.; DOD: 3-26-1979; Gehrig.
PATRICK, Wm. Roy; DOD: 1962; Gehrig.
PAUL, Lucile [Hammersley]; DOD: 12-13-1937; Gehrig.
PAYNE, Jimmie D.; DOD: 1936; Woodlawn.
PENDERGRASS, Elizabeth A.; DOD: 12-11-1960; Gehrig.
PENDERGRASS, John R.; DOD: 6-7-1971; Gehrig.
PENDERGRASS, Luther A.; DOD: 7-7-1959; Gehrig.
PENDERGRASS, Marjorie; DOD: NL; Gehrig.
PENDERGRASS, Rebecca; DOD: 1-21-1972; Woodlawn.
PENDERGRASS, W. T.; DOD: 12-6-1958; Woodlawn.
PENRY, Jettie Aileen; DOD: 9-22-1997; Gehrig; DOB: 5-4-1919.
PERIDORE, Evalyne; DOD: 10-2-1995; Gehrig; DOB: 1-19-1930.
PERKINS, Agnes S.; DOD: 10-6-1979; Gehrig.
PERKINS, Betty Lou; DOD: NL; Gehrig.
PERKINS, Clarence M.; DOD: 7-16-1981; Woodlawn.
PERKINS, Dee C.; DOD: 3-27-1978; Gehrig.
PERKINS, Edward; DOD: 8-11-1933; Gehrig.
PERKINS, Ellen Ross; DOD: 7-21-1990; Woodlawn.
PERKINS, George W.; DOD: 3-28-1980; Gehrig.
PERKINS, Harold H.; DOD: 8-10-1967; Gehrig.
PERKINS, James Henry; DOD: 1-25-1982; Gehrig.
PERKINS, John D.; DOD: 7-20-1958; Gehrig.
PERKINS, Kenneth R. (Kay); DOD: 8-29-1983; Gehrig.
PERKINS, Mary E.; DOD: 12-27-1972; Gehrig.
PERKINS, Nettie Mae; DOD: 6-18-1978; Gehrig.
PERKINS, Paul; DOD: 7-5-1954; Woodlawn.
PERKINS, S. D.; DOD: 1921; Gehrig.
PERKINS, Stephen Douglas; DOD: 11-16-1976; Gehrig.
PERRY, Mary Jane; DOD: 1-18-1931; Woodlawn.
PETRY, Linus L.; DOD: 7-9-1982; Gehrig.
PETRY, Ronald Linus; DOD: 9-6-1974; Gehrig.
PETTY, Victor Shirley; DOD: 9-18-1975; Gehrig.
PHELAN, Alice Earline; DOB: 01-15-1943; DOD: 09-28-2000; Gehrig.
PHILPOT, Billy Mac; DOD: 12-9-1944; Gehrig.
PHILPOT, Emma Alberta; DOD: 9-24-1987; Gehrig.
PHILPOT, Glenn G.; DOD: 1-17-1961; Woodlawn.
PHILPOT, Neva Jane; DOD: 2-25-1979; Gehrig.
PHILPOT, Nina Bertha Cora; DOD: 3-30-1949; Woodlawn.
PHILPOT, Paul P.; DOD: 8-22-1967; Gehrig.
PHILPOT, Richard Eugene; DOD: 9-22-1929; Woodlawn.
PHILPOT, William Bennett; DOD: 4-30-1945; Woodlawn.
PIERCY, Ollie Fay; DOD: 7-10-1986; Gehrig.
PINNELL, Ida; DOD: 4-2-1905; Woodlawn.
PITMAN, Amelia; DOD: 8-20-1967; Woodlawn.
PITMAN, Etta; DOD: 9-11-1954; Woodlawn.
PITMAN, W. F.; DOD: 8-7-1959; Woodlawn.
PITTS, Cecil Homer; DOD: 5-6-1993; Woodlawn.
PITTS, Charlie; DOD: 3-24-1961; Gehrig.
PITTS, Minnie Bell; DOB: 3-03-1911; DOD: 3-08-2003; Woodlawn.
PLEASANT, Carlton Dale; DOB: 4-18-1935; DOD: 6-19-2001; Woodlawn.
PLEASANT, Clara B.; DOD: 7-31-1990; Gehrig.
PLEASANT, Eddie L.; DOD: 3-3-1968; Woodlawn.
PLEASANT, Harold Lloyd; DOD: 4-10-1987; Woodlawn.
PLEASANT, Inez (Lasswell); DOD: 11-7-1984; Gehrig.
PLEASANT, (infant); DOD: NL; Woodlawn.
PLEASANT, Jemima S.; DOD: 1918; Woodlawn.
PLEASANT, Olen B.; DOD: 5-31-1950; Woodlawn.
PLEASANT, Olin Neab; DOD: 5-4-1959; Woodlawn.
PLEASANT, Ruby Mae; DOD: 05-26-2000; DOB: 12-16-1901; Woodlawn.
PLEASANT, S. Buren; DOD: 11-3-1961; Gehrig.
PLEASANT, Virgie L.; DOD: 10-25-1978; Gehrig.
PLEASANT, Vivian Eddie; DOD: 11-23-1979; Gehrig.
PLEASANT, Walter G.; DOD: 1-24-1961; Gehrig.
PLEASANT, William J.; DOD: 1942; Gehrig.
POE, Alma F.; DOD: 12-19-1992; Gehrig; DOB: 4-25-1906.
POE, Connie Sue; DOD: 8-8-1963; Gehrig.
POLLOCK, Betty P.; DOD: 1926; Woodlawn.
POLLOCK, Daniel Fletcher; DOD: 8-24-????; Woodlawn.
POLLOCK, Doran L.; DOD: 11-24-1984; Woodlawn.
POLLOCK, Edgar Loid; DOD: 8-30-1902; Woodlawn.
POLLOCK, Flora I.; DOD: 2-1-1938; Woodlawn.
POLLOCK, Henderson S.; DOD: 10-25-1948; Woodlawn.
POLLOCK, Ida; DOD: 10-18-1958; Woodlawn.
POLLOCK, Lee D. C.; DOD: 2-18-1938; Woodlawn.
POLLOCK, Mary L.; DOD: 9-20-1957; Woodlawn.
POLLOCK, Rosetta; DOD: NL; Woodlawn.
POLLOCK, Ruby G.; DOD: 11-13-1973; Woodlawn.
POLLOCK, Sarah J.; DOD: 10-12-1935; Woodlawn.
POLLOCK, Willie O.; DOD: 6-4-1969; Woodlawn.
POLSGROVE, Chester; DOD: 2-12-1970; Woodlawn.
POLSGROVE, Fred B.; DOD: 4-1992; Woodlawn.
POLSGROVE, Gary; DOB: 3-30-1947; DOD: 5-3-2002; Woodlawn.
POLSGROVE, George Cleave; DOD: 4-11-1971; Gehrig.
POLSGROVE, Gertrude; DOD: 5-20-1986; Gehrig.
POLSGROVE, Gertrude Arline; DOB: 06-06-1917; DOD: 06-29-2001; Woodlawn.
POLSGROVE, J. Owen; DOD: 8-23-1995; DOB: 12-6-1910; Woodlawn.
POLSGROVE, James N.; DOD: 11-15-1950; Woodlawn.
POLSGROVE, Lawrence; DOD: 1958; Gehrig.
POLSGROVE, Lena Louise; DOD: 3-19-1992; Woodlawn.
POLSGROVE, Lenah; DOD: 10-8-1960; Woodlawn.
POLSGROVE, Maud; DOD: 5-11-1938; Gehrig.
POLSGROVE, Nellie Mae; DOD: 6-6-1972; Gehrig.
POLSGROVE, Nola Graham; DOD: 10-14-1977; Woodlawn.
POLSGROVE, Oather E.; DOD: 4-3-1999; Woodlawn; DOB: 10-28-1908.
POLSGROVE, R. B.; DOD: 10-9-1979; Woodlawn.
POLSGROVE, Raymond A.; DOD: 1-1-1959; Gehrig.
POLSGROVE, Ruth; DOD: 5-30-1999; Gehrig; DOB: 3-14-1907.
POLSGROVE, Walter; DOD: 5-9-1968; Woodlawn.
POLSGROVE, Willard; DOD: 12-17-1989; Woodlawn.
PONDER, Adolph Gehrig; DOD: 7-17-1981; Gehrig.
PONDER, Agnes Gehrig; DOD: 1973; Gehrig.
PONDER, Benjamin Andrew; DOD: 1922; Gehrig.
PONDER, Cora Alice; DOD: 1973; Gehrig.
PONDER, John T.; DOD: 1958; Gehrig.
POOL, William and Barbara (infants); DOD: 10-29-1947; Woodlawn.
POOL, William C. Jr.; DOD: 11-5-1963; Woodlawn.
POPE, Erman Hugh; DOD: 10-17-1962; Woodlawn.
POPE, Mary Belle; DOD: 12-25-1995; Woodlawn; DOB: 12-6-1923.
POPE, Rebecca Ann; DOD: 12-8-1995; Woodlawn; DOB: 5-27-1960.
PORTER, Bertha S.; DOD: 1958; Woodlawn.
PORTER, Charles E.; DOD: 10-29-1943; Woodlawn.
PORTER, Dudley Orville; DOD: 6-28-1940; Woodlawn.
PORTER, Earl V.; DOD: 9-4-1987; Woodlawn.
PORTER, George; DOD: 12-3-1971; Woodlawn.
PORTER, George T.; DOD: 8-19-1949; Woodlawn.
PORTER, (infant); DOD: NL; Woodlawn.
PORTER, James Jackson; DOD: 5-31-1958; Gehrig.
PORTER, M. Rilous; DOD: 2-27-1961; Woodlawn.
PORTER, Norma (Wilson); DOD: 10-4-1994; Woodlawn.
PORTER, Owen E.; DOD: 12-28-1940; Woodlawn.
PORTER, Russell O.; DOD: 9-17-1979; Woodlawn.
PORTER, Sadie Vaughn; DOD: 6-27-1974; Woodlawn.
PORTER, Sarah C.; DOD: 3-24-1954; Woodlawn.
PORTER, William; DOD: NL; Woodlawn.
PORTERFIELD, Evelyn Valerie (Stanley); DOB: 5-09-1917; DOD: 10-08-2003; Woodlawn.
POTTER, Dona Lee; DOD: 7-15-1981; Woodlawn.
POTTER, Steven Glenn; DOD: 5-2-1949; Woodlawn.
POWELL, Bradford V. Rev.; DOD: 7-7-1981; Gehrig.
POWELL, J. F.; DOD: 12-21-1923; Woodlawn.
POWELL, Mary J.; DOD: 9-15-1952; Woodlawn.
POWELL, May Irene (Strickler); DOD: 5-16-1984; Gehrig.
PRATER, George C.; DOD: 1963; Gehrig.
PRATER, Hadley C.; DOD: 8-9-1967; Woodlawn.
PRATER, Ida Eldora; DOD: 2-21-1988; Gehrig.
PRATER, James Dike; DOD: 11-5-1990; Gehrig.
PRATER, Karen Therese; DOD: 12-21-1933; Gehrig; DOB: 12-14-1933.
PRATER, Minnie A.; DOD: 2-18-1967; Gehrig.
PRATER, Molly J. (Minton); DOD: 12-12-1983; Woodlawn.
PRATER, Nellie M.; DOD: 1930; Gehrig.
PRESLAR, Rudolph; DOD: 1-17-1996; Woodlawn; DOB: 12-7-1921.
PRESLER, Deborah Lois; DOD: 3-5-1955; Gehrig.
PRESLER, Lois; DOD: 1945; Gehrig.
PRESLER, Russell; DOD: 2-27-1989; Gehrig.
PRICE, Elta G.; DOD: 1962; Woodlawn.
PRICE, Ethel Marie (Snider); DOD: 2-7-1991; Gehrig.
PRICE, (infant); DOD: NL; Woodlawn.
PRICE, Luther; DOD: 12-18-1991; Woodlawn.
PRICE, Mary L.; DOD: 1954; Woodlawn.
PRICE, Mary Ruth; DOD: 9-10-1995; Woodlawn; DOB: 9-11-1916.
PRICE, Mollie E.; DOD: 3-17-1945; Woodlawn.
PRICE, Robert F.; DOD: 7-21-1935; Woodlawn.
PRIDE, Cora; DOD: 1927; Woodlawn.
PRIEST, Charlie G.; DOD: 1-25-1988; Woodlawn.
PRIEST, F. Maude; DOD: 1958; Woodlawn.
PRIEST, Tom E.; DOD: 1954; Woodlawn.
PROVANCE, Anna Laura; DOD: 3-29-1958; Woodlawn.
PROVANCE, Jasper A.; DOD: 7-2-1954; Woodlawn.
PRUETT, Rachel; DOD: 1967; Woodlawn.
PRUETT, Roy; DOD: 2-9-1976; Woodlawn.
PUCKETT, Luellen (Hutchinson); Gehrig.
PUCKETT, Robert David; Gehrig.
PYLE, Albert H.; DOD: 11-23-1974; Gehrig.
PYLE, Jim B.; DOD: 6-8-1983; Gehrig.
PYLE, Katherine Marie; DOD: 9-25-1938; Woodlawn.
PYLE, Laura L.; DOD: 12-20-1973; Gehrig.
PYLE, Leavada Allen; DOD: Unk; Gehrig.
PYLE, Terry R.; DOD: 4-5-1999; Landess; DOB: 3-9-1928; Veteran.
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